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"The Plan" for Crypto

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Due to high demand for Dan Hollings to share his incredibly lucrative methodologies for succeeding at crypto currencies, Dan is building a fully polished course that will launch in November, 2021. Meanwhile, we can't wait til then! So he has graciously decided to allow a select few of us to invite our connections to participate in his beta version of the course, now

I invite you to join us, privately, behind the curtain... for a free intro session describing his beta course on crypto: "The Plan". You have a chance now to buy access to his strategies, waaaayyyy before the public can... 


All Access Expires on Saturday, June 12th at 11:59 PM

Pacific Time (PST)


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You're Invited Backstage:

How to really succeed at Crypto with no sleepless nights!


  • A safer, simpler, faster, and funner way to profit from crypto.

  • How to get 10x typical bank deposit rates, in fact 20X and 50X returns are not unusual.

  • Forget about the UPS and DOWNS of the market... this works regardless of market direction... which means you are NOT trying to time the market to buy low and sell high!

  • Leave behind all those scary bungee-cord "jump and pray" strategies... "THE PLAN" is an automated rules-based methodology, fully crash tested and with vibrant 100% "happy member" track record.

      • Get a personalized fast-start into the future of finance, currencies, and business... made easy, lucrative, and fun.

      • At last! Minimal set-up with an automated system requiring virtually no maintenance.

      • All beta program training sessions are recorded and you will get access to the recordings, along with other training materials in a private members area.

      • How to succeed at crypto with no trading, no watching charts, no risky schemes, no sleepless nights.

      Your Private Access Expires
      Saturday June 12th

      at 11:59pm Pacific Time

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